What are Security Systems?

They are technological solutions that ensure the protection of people, property or information. Security systems consist of various components such as camera system, alarm and access control system. They often perform functions such as monitoring, record keeping, and reporting incidents. Systems play a preventive and protective role by detecting situations such as theft and unauthorized entry. Thus, they increase security and minimize risks. Security […]

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What is a Smart Home System?

It is a system consisting of in-home electronic devices, internet and automation technology. Smart home system offers users the opportunity to control their homes remotely. They communicate between smart thermostats, light control systems and security cameras. Thus, it offers homeowners a safer, more efficient and comfortable lifestyle. Smart Home System Features Homeowners can use devices such as phones […]

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What is Fingerprint System?

It is a biometric technology that provides identity control by identifying individuals' unique fingerprints. The fingerprint system uses unique patterns on the tips of human fingers. Because every person's fingerprint is unique and does not change throughout life. It is often widely used in the fields of security, access control and authentication. How Does the Fingerprint System Work? It is used to verify people's unique fingerprint patterns […]

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What is a Motion Detector?

The device that detects environmental movement and converts it into an electrical signal is called a motion detector. It is generally used in security systems. Allows movement to be detected to monitor the security of an area. It uses various technologies such as infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors and microwave sensors. When motion is detected, an alarm is usually triggered or some other reaction initiated. Thus, detecting theft, intrusion or other potential dangers […]

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Security Camera Systems

It is a system consisting of cameras that can record video or images. Security camera systems are used to monitor, surveil and record a specific area. Thanks to their monitoring and recording functions, they provide an effective tool to track incidents, improve security and prevent crimes. It can also offer remote access and control opportunities. So users can watch live footage from anywhere and […]

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What are License Plate Recognition Systems?

It is an important technological development used in the fields of automation and security. License plate recognition systems typically use a camera or image sensor. It has the ability to identify and record vehicle license plates. Recognition of license plates occurs through the use of text-to-speech technology. This technology has a number of applications. For example, it can be used in the field of traffic management such as traffic safety and driver detection. Violating speed limits […]

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What are Fingerprint Systems?

It is used as part of biometric security technologies. Fingerprint systems are systems used for recognition and authentication. Every individual's fingerprint is unique. It is widely used in security applications because it is a virtually unchangeable biometric feature. It is a technology used for authentication or access control by reading a person's fingerprint. It has databases that can store data of many users. […]

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Access Control Systems

These are electronic systems used to control entry and exit to buildings and private areas. Access control systems serve security, access management and monitoring purposes. We have a company serving in the field of security systems in Büyükdere since 2012. We wait for detailed information. As Perpatech, we work with the aim of providing the best service to our customers with our staff. What are the Usage Areas of Access Control Systems? […]

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What are Structured Cabling Systems?

It is used to create and manage the information and communication technologies infrastructure in buildings or workplaces. Structured cabling systems ensure that connections and equipment are designed and installed in an orderly manner. These systems form the basic supporting structure for computer networks, telephone systems, video surveillance and audio systems. It ensures that infrastructures operate efficiently. Those used for cables are usually copper or fiber […]

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What are Burglar Alarm Systems?

They are electronic devices and software generally used to increase the security of homes, businesses and other properties. Burglar alarm systems are designed to identify potential dangers. It is also designed to send warnings to owners if they are violated. Considered the "brain" of the burglar system, the control panel is a central unit from which all other components are managed. Used to activate, deactivate or respond to the alarm. […]

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